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altIt's the most important day. You're organising an evening event that you want to be proud of, and that your family and friends will enjoy and remember for a very long to come. Choosing the right singer or band is critical to the success of the day. Despite the importance attached to choosing the right artist, many people don't have any experience of selecting and booking an artist. With so many uncertainties, there is a high level of risk attached to selecting an artist.

I've been performing at weddings for over 20 years, and in that time I've gained great insight into how to make entertainment work at a wedding. If you're booking an artist or a band, based on my experience, here's a checklist of criteria that will make sure your evening is memorable for the right reasons. Make sure the artist has:

1) A good ear: not just for melodies, but to hear what you want. The entertainer needs to be able to listen to what you want so that you actually get what you asked for.
2) A wide repertoire: there will be many different people at the wedding, all with different tastes. Having an artist with a wide repertoire will provide something for everyone and will give you the flexibility you need to accommodate your guests.
3) A good eye: It’s your day and you set the tone for the entertainment, but the artist must be able to read the crowed and play in a way that allows all guests to feel that they can enter into the spirit of the event.
4) Technical competency: it is not just a list of songs the artist needs to know, they also need to know how to fit acoustically into your venue. Wait to see if the artist asks you about the size of the venue and specific details of the make-up of the location. A technically competent artist will plan ahead and bring equipment to suit the venue. Some artists just turn up with what they have and do the same set regardless of the acoustics.
5) A safe pair of hands: you need someone with a verifiable track record, so ask for satisfied clients and then call them up. Don't rely on website testimonies alone, check up on them and any references provided. Facebook references are great as you can see the photos and comments from guests. These are the elements that I will bring to your wedding, but please use these to check out other artists and bands.

If you'd like an informal conversation about your wedding entertainment, please use the contact page to leave your phone number, as I'd love to talk with you about how I can make your wedding entertainment something you'll be truly proud of. Already 22 years and 376 weddings.


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