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Here are some of the great friends I have made that you might want to visit. 

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1   Link   Michael Strobel
Site for guitarist and vocalist, Michael Strobel. Michael often plays with Jim.
2   Link   Zen Music
French acoustic duo, Gabriel Locane (guitar and vocals) and Luca Scriva (flute, harmonica and vocals).
3   Link   Anthony Caligagan
Anthony Caligagan, great musician, awesome vocalist ,great artist, good friend...we've known each other for a couple of years now and i am fortunate enough that Anthony likes to come skiing so i get to listen to him a few times in La Plagne in the wintertime!
4   Link   Ralf Hartmann
Ralf is one of good friends and has beed gracing La Plagne with his presence for a number of years now, he and Nasser are probably the purist and most talented hard working duo that i know!