Jim Garrett Rock MusicHeres Jims rendition of Wild horses by the Stones ,recorded live ar Oscars in Reutlingen

: {play}Wild horses.mp3*|[]|#C0C0C0[BGCOLOR]|[AUTOREPLAY]{/play}

Jim Garrett Country Music Jim is a country legend. Just listen to this: {play}Vicksburg Mississippi.mp3|[]|#C0C0C0[BGCOLOR]|[AUTOREPLAY]{/play}

Jim Garrett Pop Music Jim is top of the pops. Just listen to this: {play}Up and down.mp3*Angels.mp3*Beautiful.mp3|[]|#C0C0C0[BGCOLOR]|[AUTOREPLAY]{/play}

Jim Garrett Jazz Music Jim has Jazz in his blood. Just listen to this: {play}Cheek to cheek.mp3|[]|#C0C0C0[BGCOLOR]|[AUTOREPLAY]{/play}

Jim Garrett Folk Music Jim is a folksy boy. Just listen to this: {play}Mr Bojangles.mp3|[]|#C0C0C0[BGCOLOR]|[AUTOREPLAY]{/play}

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